New deal in Farjardo Puerto Rico. This is a perfect Airbnb rental income opportunity. We just put under contract a duplex for $85,000 that needs very little rehab work to make it ready to rent out. The three options for the property are the following: Put in minor repairs under $12,000 and rent to section 8 tenants and generate a gross income of $1,450 a month. That would give the owner a ROI of 13% and get paid directly from the government. The second option is to improve the property more and get an higher rental rate. Spend $25,000 on the rehab work and generate $1800 a month for an ROI 15% a year. Or lastly do the same fix up as the $25,000 and sell the property for $145,000 Profiting approximately $25,000 on a $110,000 investment in six months or less. Good options to have.

Next great deal

We just purchased this tri plex in Farjardo for under $50,000 We plan on rehabbing the project for $35,000 and then renting out the units.   

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