We sold over 100 homes and 75,000,000 in value 
using strategic marketing and more than 30 years of experience.

We design and execute comprehensive, turn-key sales and marketing solutions for new home and mixed-use developments. We strive to deliver superior results through innovative strategies, state-of-the-art marketing technologies and world-class customer service. The bottom line: we maximize sales prices on new and existing projects, in less time and on budget, while ensuring an excellent customer experience throughout the entire process.

We are a team of seasoned professionals with decades of
combined sales and marketing experience on well over 100 real estate developments.

Our Team Members have marketed, sold and closed over billions worth of real estate such as: single family residences, multi-unit buildings, condominiums, town homes, and raw land. We make sure you get the best price for your investment and guarantee this will be the best real estate sales transaction you have ever experience.


  1. We ensure your house will sell in 63 days or less or we will give you $2,400 at closing. 
  2. We guarantee this will be the best real estate sales transaction you have ever experienced.  If not, we will give you your choice of an Apple IPAD or $1,000 at closing. 
  3. You can cancel your listing at any time and for any reason with zero risks, zero obligations, or zero headaches. 
  4. We promise to be on time to any and all of our appointments, since your time is valuable.  If we’re ever late, we’ll will give you $100.00. 
  5. We assure you to contact you twice per week via your preference of contact method (email, text, or phone).  If not, we will give you $100.00 for any week that we don’t reach out.

What to expect when selling property in Puerto Rico?

Because there are no standard real estate contracts, selling property is very different in Puerto Rico from let’s say Florida, California or New York. While Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory with title insurance, Steward Title lawyers, escrow accounts, and real estate brokerages, there are no standard Real Estate contracts to protect sellers and buyers. Most contacts are simply written up by inexperienced or doubtful real estate agents. Some of these contracts contain clauses about “NON-REFUNDABLE” deposits or don’t allow for a proper inspection period. This can have devastating consequences for buyers and investors. Download a pdf copy of OUR contract.

We experienced such difficulties when purchasing a potential property. After a first walk-through, the agent sent us a contract with a non-refundable deposit. Two weeks later we learned that the property had been majorly infested with termites and that our initial repair estimate of $200,000 wasn’t enough to cover the extermination of approximately $300,000. At this point, we tried to negotiate the price of the property with the seller. Luckily, we didn’t sign the agent’s option contract in the first place and went with our own standard contract. If we had signed the option contract, we would have lost the deposit entirely.

Issues like that are anything but uncommon. We learned of several cases, in which sellers and agents treat the appraisal as a proper inspection. Property damages and flaws remain undetected and lead to unexpected and skyrocketing costs after the purchase. The problem gets amplified because some agents get paid, even if the property is not sold.

To protect both seller and buyer, it is critical to use a standard real estate contract and experienced agent.

After realizing how widespread non-standardized real estate contracts are in Puerto Rico – with devastating consequences for buyers and investors – we decided to create a real estate contract that works. Our contract is founded on standard U.S. real estate laws and applicable to Puerto Rico. Download a pdf copy of OUR contract.

We also use Steward Title, to make real estate transaction simple, transparent and stress-free. If you’re interested, please request my contact from Steward Title. Contracts are available in Spanish or English for an additional – but well worth it – cost of $150.00.

We get you the best price for your property. 

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